Progress Report

Monday, May 29, 2017

The site was launched on March 7, 2017 and the interest continues to grow.  Since then there have been over 1,100 visitors; yesterday there were 63 but for some unexplained reason, the number spiked to 177 on Saturday, one day earlier.  This was very unusual given the previous patterns where, with a few exceptions, the number of visits gradually trends towards a modest daily increase.  I wonder if was referred to on another BLOG or some external influence caused the increase.

To date, 397 people have registered on the site.  The spam filters seem to be accomplishing their goal of discouraging those annoyances, but they also appear to be discouraging visitors from leaving legitimate (and most welcome) comments.  Perhaps they need a little more encouragement.

I am optimistic that at least one of those registrants is planning to share their thoughts on some aspect of our lives and submit a guest post.

Nevertheless, I’m encouraged by the increasing numbers of visitors and registrants.  It confirms to me that there are a very large number of elder orphans who are looking for advice and suggestions on ways to navigate their future.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

On this page I will try to keep visitors posted on how this project is progressing from my perspective.

The statistics counter reports that in the last 7 days there were 247 visitors to and 227 have taken the trouble to register since it was launched.   Of course a handful of them were spammers, but fortunately the anti-spam measures are preventing them from causing much grief for you, the legitimate visitors.  I can also assume that there are a large number who simply landed in  the wrong place and have no interest whatsoever and moved on.

I confess that I have not spent a great deal of time worrying about Search Engine Optimization tactics.  I believe that there are enough elder orphans who are interested in the possibility of sniffing out some ideas to improve their future prospects that the audience will grow organically anyway.  Nevertheless I will do whatever I can to help more people to find us and to accomplish more rapid growth.

I should mention that If you are not familiar with the kind of information collected for the statistics summary, don’t worry, there is nothing that indicates who you are or any personal information about you.  I can simply learn that visitors have found the site, and if they were interested, they looked around a bit.

Unfortunately but not unexpectedly, it seems that they are still not prepared to invest a few minutes to comment on something that they have read there or to e-mail me with suggestions.   Perhaps it is due to my writing ability, or possibly they just want to hold back to see if the project builds support and momentum.

There is no question that there are millions of elder orphans who are searching for advice and there are millions more who have tackled many of the unique issues that confront us.  Eventually we will establish the platform to create a conversation.

Given the fact that so many people have taken the time to register, I am optimistic that at least a handful of them will soon take the time to pull together a few ideas relating to their own thoughts, concerns, or even fears relating to elderorphanism and submit them in a few paragraphs to be published.  There are two ways of accomplishing this.  One is to simply e-mail whatever your thoughts are and assuming that it has something of interest to elder orphans I will publish it for you and credit you for it.  By registering, it would allow you the benefit of actually seeing the product formatted in the way that it would appear on the site, and you would be directly attributed as the author of the work.  One of the multitude tasks ahead of me is to develop some rules and guidelines for guest posts but I would of course like the submissions to be relevant to the topic at hand and I would hope for a few paragraphs totaling around 500 words.

Again, in a battle to control spammers and satisfy the other visitors that the content is appropriate, the posting is held by WordPress until it is moderated, meaning that it is approved and then it is published.  There shouldn’t be much of a delay since WordPress immediately sends me an email advising me that there is a guest post awaiting approval.

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