How can elderorphan help?

You have somehow found this page and more likely than not it is because you have a genuine interest in the elder orphan cause.  Possibly because you are searching for information related to how to navigate to a happy and peaceful ending, or perhaps you would like to share some of the knowledge and solutions that you have already incorporated into your own plan.

The site was launched in mid-March 2017 and I have been truly surprised and flattered by the number of visitors that it has attracted despite the fact that I have not spent a great deal of effort in search engine optimization.  Of course there certainly would be a significant percentage of visitors who have landed here and have no interest whatsoever in the matter;  however,  a large number of those visitors have chosen to register to the site.  This suggests to me that they have some interest in following us to see what develops.

There are a few paragraphs on other pages where I have solicited visitors to participate by commenting on the posts, send me an e-mail, or the ultimate commitment of submitting a guest BLOG.  My pleas haven't resulted in a great deal of success so I decided to post this form to the site to make it even easier to provide feedback.

The only "Required" filed is an e-mail address so that if I have any questions I will be able to contact you.


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