Thanks for even taking a peek at this page.  It suggests that you might be convinced that the project has merit and that you could be persuaded to support it.

No, I am not looking for money!

Now, in the incubation stage or and to gain some momentum the site needs participation.  Web crawlers that search engines such as Google, BING, and Yahoo dispatch to see what has been added or changed on a web site are more inclined to rank a web site higher if there is lots of activity.  And a higher ranking leads to more visits and more participation.  If only 1% of a very low estimate of 35 million elderorphans in Canada and the U.S.A. decided at some point in their life to determine if there were others like them haunting in the cyber world, that number translates into 350,000 potential visitors at sometime in their life.  A better search engine ranking will lead them here faster.  Growth begets more growth.  So comment on a BLOG post, pose a question or offer an opinion on the forum.

Any advice as to strategies for implementing this web site are appreciated.  It has been some time since I have much to do with web site development and there have been significant changes in the time.  I have striven for simplicity of navigation and maintenance and of course to minimized the havoc and confusion that spammers and spam bots inflict.  Any advice relating to the mechanics of the site would be appreciated.

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