Behind the Scenes

Although there are several content management systems for Bloggers, WordPress seemed to be an obvious choice for this application.  It has been widely adopted; it is fully featured, and offers plenty of support.  There are numerous plugins that accomplish all sorts of tasks and provide a variety of functionality.  And of course it is free.

WordPress also offers all manner of themes and many of them are very sophisticated.  But the objective of this web site and BLOG is not to impress the visitors or to sell them anything so I opted for a simple theme that offered simple navigation and a was not daunting to maintain.  This is about sharing ideas and information and not about impressing the audience with glitz and glamour.

One of the troublesome issues that confronts all interactive web sites is the problem of spammers and spam robots.  They are becoming quite sophisticated but thankfully so are the countermeasures offered by WordPress.  It is unfortunate that visitors will encounter impediments to their participation such as the need to hold comments and guest BLOG posts for moderation and captchas that can be a real annoyance.  When I was researching this aspect of the project I came across a blogger who was asking for advice on how to delete 5,000 spam posts to his web site.  This is illustrative of the magnitude of the problem, so until there is a major breakthrough in SPAM fighting it seems that we will all be subjected to a bit of inconvenience if we choose to participate in any BLOG or forum.

Although a BLOG is likely to be more interesting to the web crawlers that the search engines dispatch to investigate what webs sites are all about and to see what has been added or changed recently I wanted to offer the opportunity for visitors to pose questions or comments that were of interest or concern to them and not be dependent on my script for the project.  Hence the introduction of the forum.  I experimented with a couple of solutions that were plugins to WordPress but when compared to phpBB, the one that I ultimately settled on, they seemed to lack flexibility and functionality.

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