It’s That Time of Year Again

For Elder Orphans at this time of year when those around them are celebrating the holiday season with children and grandchildren, Christmas trees and gifts and festive dinners there doubtless are those among us who must stave off the melancholy feelings while we remember the Christmases of earlier times.

I like to conjure up memories of snowy Christmases with excitement with the anticipation of gifts and even a visit by Santa Claus.  I’m still a believer!  There was midnight mass too, but one of the memories most cherished was the celebrations at my grandparent’s home when my aunts and uncles and cousins would gather for a dinner of roast turkey with all of the trimmings.

Fortunate are we among the family of Elder Orphans who are remembered by our friends.  While they are consumed by preparing for the holidays for their children and grandchildren we are grateful that they remember us and often include us in their celebrations.

Others of us reach out to the larger community and participate in preparing dinners and Christmas events for those who may be less fortunate.

And then there are certainly a few among us who will be isolated and lonely.  Perhaps we can find it in our hearts to invite them to our table, especially at this time of the year. It’s a wonderful world.  Be kind.

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  • Elaine Thatcher

    Thank you. I just discovered your site. Thankfully, I have some close friends, mostly elder orphans, with whom I celebrate the holidays. But our “festivities” are very low-key, and for me, they don’t make up for the loss of siblings and other close family. Nevertheless, I try to reach out to others at least a bit. For me, invitations to dinners with big families whom I don’t know all that well are more painful than staying home and watching television.

    But we persevere, don’t we. I am 67 years old and generally in good health, hoping that I will stay in good health and sound mind for years to come.

    Thanks for this site. I’m a member of the Elder Orphans Facebook group, but I see the need for a platform that is less ephemeral. I, too, hope that at some point there will be local groups of elder orphans who can meet in person.

    • Hi Elaine;

      Thanks for the comment.

      I too can’t help but be reminded of a warm decorated home while celebrating the season with family and a abundance of food and drink. If I dwell on it leaves me with a feeling of melancholy. Nevertheless we always have reason to be thankful for the relationships that we cherish.

      Your comment comes at a time when I appreciate some encouragement. Blogging can be a lonely and discouraging activity for a very long time. There is no doubt in my mind that there is a need for a platform for us and I acknowledge that it will take time to develop and promote it. I appreciate the e-mails that I receive in support of my efforts but comments go a great deal further in promoting the site to search engines like Google.

      I have myself been wondering if the Facebook group is still active. Before I launched this site last March I submitted a request to join and didn’t get any response at all. One person who e-mailed me was terribly frustrated by the amount of unwanted and unrelated content he received.

      I think that there is plenty of room to accommodate many web sites and social platforms that address the topic. After all there are many millions of us all with different needs and interests. Unlike the Facebook group, my approach was to make the site as open and accessible to everyone. No registration and no blocked content. I confess that I have implemented a few barriers to those outside of North America simply because the amount of spam, malicious attacks, false registrations and garbage comments was becoming too difficult to manage manually any longer.

      I would be thrilled if when I did an Internet search for “elder orphans” (or anything else that would serve to target us) and was rewarded with a dozen or more choices. Perhaps my efforts will one day result in that.


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